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Старый 13.06.2006, 17:12
Аватар для NeoStorm
NeoStorm NeoStorm вне форума
Регистрация: 03.11.2005
Адрес: Israel
Сообщений: 310
Поблагодарил: 55
Поблагодарили 108 раз в 58 сообщениях
NeoStorm скоро станет знаменитым(-ой)NeoStorm скоро станет знаменитым(-ой)
The Forum Rules  

The Forum Rules V.1.0 (English Version)

(1.) The Forbidden

(1.01) Creating more than one registration account. In case you haven't received an e-mail with an activation code, you are not allowed to register again. In this case, please contact the administration.
(1.02) Registration with sensless nicks, which consist only from numbers or unpronounceable simbols.
(1.03) Registarion with nicks similar to existing ones.
(1.04) Capturing nicks. Registering account names in order to prevent their use by others users.
(1.05) Flame (similar consecutive simbols in a message, drawing patterns or pictures from them).
(1.06) Offtop (creating a post which does not connect to the general idea of the topic/section)
(1.07) Creating topics with the same name (and the same content) in the different forum sections.
(1.08) Overposting (posting successively in the same topic within a period of less than 3 hours).
(1.09) Creating topics in which there is a reference to a name of a certain participant in the forum. For a personal conversation there are PM's (Private Messages), Email, ICQ, and so on ...
(1.10) Writing in red at the post itself/signature. Red color can only be used by the Administrators and by the Moderators in order to make warnings.
(1.11) Writing Racist and/or Fascist ideas. Attempts to overthrow the gouverment by violent means. Starting interethnic arguements.
(1.12) Posting material or links to material, which consists of pornography.
(1.13) Abusing any person, whether he physically exists or not.
(1.14) Advertising other resources (An advertisement means a body text and/or signature text like "Come here", "Here you can find", and also simple links), except ads which are approved by the forum administration.
(1.15) Obscene statements, swearing (Swearing means everything which connects to swearing, even if a curse/phrase of curses has not been specified).

(2.) The Undesirable

(2.01) Writing illiterate posts. If you do not know how to write correctly, use the MS Word Spelling Check or an equivalent spelling check program.
(2.02) Writing by translit. There are people in this forum, who communicate, just like you. It is not so convenient for them to read translitted posts.

(3.) Additions and notes

(3.01) By not following the rules of this forum, you are a subject for appropriate measures, which will be carried out by the administration of this forum. The most severe punishment measure is a ban.
(3.02) In case you protest against the actions of a Moderator, you are not allowed to write about that at the forum. All questions should be answered through ICQ, E-Mail, or a PM.
(3.03) If you are sure that a Moderator exceeds his powers, contact the Administrator.
(3.04) In some cases, Administrators and/or Moderators can allow a deviation from a rule, in the context of a specific topic, or in the whole forum.

(4.) Recommended

(4.01) Try not to spam the forum with gratitudes. There is a way to express your appreciation by clicking the button at the appropriate post.
(4.02) There is a [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ]in which it is possible to ask for an upload of a specific video or music file. Requests in other threads will be deleted without prior notification.
(4.03) Questions concerning problems with video and audio files should be posted in the [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ] topic.
(4.04) Problems regarding downloading files from rapidshare.de should be posted in the following topic: [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ] .
(4.05) Do not be lazy, and use the search function when it is necessary.
(4.06) If you're having trouble understanding what a thread is about, it is not advisable to post in such thread.
(4.07) If you're having trouble doing something on this forum, try reading the [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ] first.

(5.) Not knowing the rules does not relieve you from the responsibility for their non-obeyance.

- The administration has the right to change and/or add rules unilaterally.
- All changes and/or additions are functional from the moment of their publication.
- The administration has the right to delete, move or edit any post, thread or registration data.
- The next measure after 5 warnings is a ban.
- By registering, you agree with the above-stated rules, and will also follow them.
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HMModernTalking (08.06.2010), Marek (07.11.2006), remete (03.12.2009)
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